Prof. Dr. med. dent. Michael Gahlert

Private lecturer Dr. habil., Dr. med. dent. Michael Gahlert

“Following the clinical introduction of the latest generation of one-piece ceramic implants, which we have very successfully documented in our practice since 2011, my team and I are continuing our scientific work in Munich and Basel. We will shortly be publishing microbiological data which characterises the plaque affinity of titanium compared with that of zirconium dioxide. The evaluation of our preclinical study comparing the biological width of loaded titanium and zirconia implants is underway, and the evaluation of our other preclinical study on peri-implantitis around titanium and ceramic implants is now complete. I would like to sincerely thank all the scientific staff who have tirelessly supported and contributed to these general study projects so far! I am currently working towards completing and receiving my postdoctoral lecturing qualification at the University of Basel, Switzerland.”

Portrait Dr. med. dent. Michael Gahlert